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The motan group based in Constance was founded in 1947. As leading provider for sustainable raw material handling, they operate in the areas injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and compounding. Innovative, modular system solutions for storage, drying and crystallisation, conveying, dosing, and mixing of raw materials for the plastics manufacturing and processing industries are part of the application orientated product range. Production takes place at different production sites in Germany, India, and China. motan-colortronic distribute their products and system solutions via their regional centres. With over 500 employees currently, a yearly turnover of roughly 128 million euros is achieved. Because of their network and long-standing experience, motan can offer their customers what they really need: Individually tailored solutions with real added value.

Products and services

  • Complex, end-to-end systems or individual units for the automotive, electronics, household goods and healthcare industries, and for cleanroom production
  • Reliable conveying, dosing and mixing systems for high-volume production of bottles and other containers
  • High-quality dosing and mixing systems that deliver superior precision and consistency for the continuous production of films, cables, tubes and profiles
  • our drying systems are designed to be energy efficient. Patented ETA plus® technology helps you reduce energy consumption by up to 64 percent, and, thanks to the DryingOrganizer, you can be sure of excellent results each time
  • One of our main strengths is knowing how to precisely dose and mix granulate, flakes, powders and liquids both volumetrically and gravimetrically. Consistent high- quality results represent an important competitive advantage for you
  • Our conveying systems optimise your material flow, reduce waste and boost the productivity of your production line

METRO G is the most comprehensive and flexible material loader range on the market. It combines the best of two established material loader ranges – colortronic and motan. Whether simple or highly complex, METRO G’s modular building block system will provide you with an individual solution tailored to your needs.

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Both the LUXOR E A and LUXOR EM A dryers with optional ETA plus® energy saving technology are specifically designed to supply consistently low dew-point air to one drying bin, while reducing energy consumption. The LUXOR E A dryer is designed for use with existing conveying systems or hopper loaders. Whereas the LUXOR EM A offers a machine dedicated solution with integrated dry air conveying for up to two processing machines and the drying bin.

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GRAVICOLOR doses and mixes up to six materials precisely and with maximum recipe accuracy. These modular gravimetric units are designed for injection, blow moulding and extrusion and provide throughputs up to 2200 kg/h.

Independent of recipes, materials, or the operational environment, IntelliBlend analyses all process data achieving the best possible operating point at any time through continuous self-optimisation. Recipe integrity results in excellent and consistent product quality.

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News & Innovations


The choice of gravimetric or volumetric

motan-colortronic combines volumetric or gravimetric dosing on one unit platform for the first time with the SPECTROFLEX dosing system.

The SPECTROFLEX V from motan-colortronic is a modular, extremely flexible volumetric dosing system for powder, granules, pellets, regrind, flakes and fibres. The modular design enables optimized individual adaptation. With just a few hand movements, the dosing unit can easily be adapted to different material properties.

There is now a gravimetric dosing module available for the SPECTROFLEX V. It uses the same base and the same exchange modules as the SPECTROFLEX V and is also suitable for granules, regrind, powder and flakes. Depending on the feed material and the unit version, thoughputs of 0.7 to over 3000 liters per hour are possible with small dosing tolerances. Free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials can be dosed.

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Homogenizing powders and granules

The successful mixer module MB 2l for powders, which is used for many different processes, has now been adapted by motan-colortronic for the dosing systems MINICOLOR V and G as well as for simple applications in external systems.

The best technology to homogenize powder additives, masterbatch, virgin material and regrind is mechanical forced mixing. Due to customer demand, the mixer module MB 2l, which has previously been used in combination with the dosing unit MINIBLEND V, has now been developed for use with additional systems.

With the product name MC 2l, a version that can be used in combination with the dosing and mixing MINICOLOR-series will be available from the start of FAKUMA 2018. In addition, processors can also tie-in the unit with other system technology and applications. Different connection, installation and protection options enable flexible use.

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motan-colortronic’s METROCONNECT U/C with extremely wear resistant pipe modules

The center of motan-colortronic’s coupling system METROCONNECT U/C is the high-quality, manual coupling station for vacuum operation. It is available as either an uncoded version (METROCONNECT U) or a coded version (METROCONNECT C) with maintenance-free RFID technology. Not only do coded coupling stations protect against coupling misakes, they are often necessary if material tracing, validation or certification is required. The hose couplings are designed with patented tag postitioning that can turn freely and lock. In order to make the decision making process easier for companies, the uncoded version can easily be retrofitted to a coded version at a later date. Older coupling systems from different manufacterors can also be extended with METROCONNECT C – for affordable and efficient modernisation.
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