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Gneuss has been at the forefront of polymer recycling technology for over 30 years now and offers a range of innovative solutions for the processing and recycling of polymers. Gneuss´ systems are optimised for the challenges of PET recycling. They are perfectly harmonised with one another and their modular design can be configured flexibly. The Gneuss-Processing-Unit (GPU), consisting of the unique Gneuss MRS Extruder, Rotary Filtration Systems and Online Viscometer represent the heart of the Gneuss recycling
systems. With the MRS Multi Rotation System, Gneuss provides a processing system, which can handle a wide range of input materials with different qualities and properties. It can process 100 % recycled material without predrying or crystallising. Polymer purification takes place not only in the MRS extruder but also in the Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems which ensure a
purified polymer melt, without foreign particles or specks.

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The MRS Extruder (a single screw extruder with an innovative multiple screw devolatilising section) provides excellent devolatilisation of the polymer melt. The multiple satellite screws (which rotate in the opposite direction to the main screw) ensure a rapid surface area exchange of the polymer melt under vacuum, thereby achieving a huge improvement in the diffusion process. The system is therefore ideally suited to the processing of heavily contaminated polymers. The high polymer melt exchange rate by means of the Multi Rotation System is achieved during an extremely short residence time, with low shear and temperature stress for the polymer.

At the same time, additives can efficiently and homogeneously be introduced into the melt. As a result, the polymer decontaminated on the Gneuss MRS extruder fulfils the strict requirements of food contact application standards such as FDA, EFSA and Invima without restrictions.

Gneuss GPU and Thermoforming sheet lin

The Gneuss Processing Unit (GPU)has been available for several years now and has proven itself for the reprocessing of bulky PET waste such as post-consumer bottle flake and industrial waste from fiber and film manufacture without pre-drying. The GPU consists of a Gneuss MRS extruder with its unmatched devolatilization and decontamination performance in combination with a highly-efficient Gneuss Rotary Filtration System and an online viscometer VIS for intelligent dynamic viscosity control.

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Continuous Rotary Filtration System KF 150

The KF range of continuous filtration systems is designed specifically for applications with frequent material type, grade or color changes as well as for high pressure applications like blown film. The KF screen changers are especially compact and offer excellent value for money while permitting simple and quick screen changes on the fly.

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