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Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH was founded in 1983 and is today a global player. The company is headquartered in Königsbrunn, near Augsburg/Bavaria. Since 2018 Ettlinger is a Maag company. Maag is the leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing and filtration systems as well as pulverizers for sophisticated applications in the synthetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Ettlinger develops and manufactures high performance filtration systems and custom injection molding machines for the international market. This systems are successfully used in many different countries, where they have a reputation for extreme reliability and robust quality. With every Ettlinger system purchased, our customers reap the benefits of several decades of experience, unique innovation capabilities – and pioneering technology made in Germany that sets benchmarks worldwide

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Ettlinger continuous melt filters are the perfect technology for processing a variety of recycled materials – with a patented principle that has already demonstrated its functionality and performance in many industrial applications throughout the globe.

The Ettlinger Rotation Filter (ERF) made its debut in 2004 and has been continuously developed and improved ever since. It basically consists of a rotating cylindrical screen, a scraper and a rotating exit screw. Typical applications of the ERF melt filters are the recycling as well as the sheet and profile extrusion. They fit into any extrusion line and processes a huge number of plastics like LDPE, HDPE, PS, ABS, PP, POM etc.

The ECO melt filter was launched in the market in 2014. Although based on the same operating principle as the ERF, it features a modified discharge that makes it suitable for PET or polyamide applications. This filters are designed for the use in compounding, film and sheet lines.

ERF 350 Continuous Melt FIlter

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ECO Continuous Melt Filter

ECO Melt Filter in PET sheet line

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Discharge with Aluminum from ECO Continuous Melt Filter

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NEW: 60 micron rigid filter drum for Ettlinger COntinuous Melt Filter

Since 2004, Ettlinger has been changing the way companies’ approach their waste streams. Materials previously seen as too highly contaminated or containing stubborn contaminates are now creating tremendous value by having the right melt filter in place.

The sheet, film, fiber and strapping industry as well as recyclers removing difficult contaminates such as paint, silicone, nylon layers, cross-links and gels will greatly benefit from the new Ettlinger 60-micron rigid screen.
Specifically, the reprocessing of PET fines is now even more attractive with the 60-micron screen. During the PET sorting, washing and grinding process, fines are created and removed along with other items such as aluminum, paper, PVC. In many cases, these low value PET fines are sold off at a low price. Even a small recycling facility can generate 20 tons per month of these fines. With a proper vibratory separator system in place combined with a dryer and an extruder followed by an Ettlinger ECO continuous melt filter, customers can now create a valuable end-product from these material streams.

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